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Versus and…Episode 4: The Hangover (Ghosts of Christmas edition)

September 16, 2019

This month we discuss good (and not so good) ways to cure a hangover.  Nolan brings us up to date on Dresden-Watch 2020.  Brent disagrees with the group on which Christmas Carol was better.  David leads a round of Nords of Skyrim.  Nolan and Brent and David discuss the finer points of what makes an Imperial Guard sexy.  Brent and David cock their eyebrows at Nolan as he delves too deep into the realm of Daddy/Princess fetish.  How can you sober up?  When will we see Harry Dresden again? Who's the sexiest guard?  Hear the answers to the questions that really needed asking, this month, on Versus and...

Versus produced by Brent Lacy, Nolan Lacy and David Hallman

Edited by whoever feels like it this month

Theme music: Kevin MacLeod

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