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Good. Better. Sidequest 1, Episode 8 - Ventures in the Dark! (A Long Errand)

May 24, 2021

Welcome back spacer! Raquel and Crumb are escorting Parcel through unknown regions of the ship, but are ambushed! Raquel and Crumb find their way, but is it to safety? And what is Crumb’s suit made of?  Find out, on this episode of Good. Better. Quest!

Good. Better. Quest is sponsored this week by Enchanted Manor Meadery! Find them at, and use the code POD10 at checkout for a discount on your order!

Dungeon Master: Nolan Lacy (@nlacy70)

Players: David Hallman (@Stag_Horn), Doug Holley (@DougGBQ), Nichole Snyder (@Nekolathedruid)

Additional Voices: Adam Goudrealt  (twitter:@cheaperdungeon)

Editing: Nolan Lacy

Additional Music: Kevin MacLeod,

Good. Better. Quest. (@GBQpod) is a production of Final Plank Media (@finalplank).

©2021 by Final Plank

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