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Good. Better. Quest. Season 1, Episode 1 - Welcome to Faeruniversity! (Bachelors in Dungeoneering Campaign)

June 3, 2019

Welcome Faeruniversity! Meet our newest adventuring team; Tak the changeling rogue, Damakos Carion the tiefling warlock, Durak Ironhide the half-orc barbarian, and Siggy Widgets the gnome cleric. Will they survive their orientation? If so, where will their adventures take them? Find out, on Good. Better. Quest!


Dungeon Master: David Hallman

Players: Nicole Davis, Allen Day, Doug Holley, Nolan Lacy

Editing: Nolan Lacy

Intro: A Prelude of Space by My Instant Lunch

Additional Music: Kevin MacLeod

Good. Better. Quest. is a production of Final Plank Media.

©2019 by Final Plank

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