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Good. Better. Quest. Season 1, Episode 8 - Two If By Air (All your Bass are belong to us). (Bachelors in Dungeoneering Campaign)

August 26, 2019

Welcome back, adventurer! Siggy and Durak are captured by the Aarakocra! Tak and Damakos are brought in by the Kuatoa! Who will escape first? What the heck is a Nilbog? Why does it have to come to the floor? Find out, on this episode of Good. Better. Quest!


Dungeon Master: David Hallman

Players: Nicole Davis, Allen Day, Doug Holley, Nolan Lacy

Editing: Nolan Lacy

Intro: A Prelude of Space by My Instant Lunch

Additional Music: Kevin MacLeod

Good. Better. Quest. is a production of Final Plank Media.

©2019 by Final Plank

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