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After the Plot 2.5: The Trek (”Starfleet’s Redshirt Redemption”)

July 6, 2020

ATP 2.5 The Trek

This month on After the Plot, we get a little help from an omnipotent member of the continuum who has a story all pre-packaged for us.  This tale of woe delves into the dark underbelly of the devious side of Starfleet.

After the Plot is produced by Brent and Nolan Lacy.  Additional talent was provided by Doug Holley and David Hallman.  The show is edited by Brent Lacy.  Theme music composed by Jared Bookbinder.  Star Trek sound fx and music are found on  Sound effects were provided courtesy of, and Michael Ghelfi

After the Plot is a production of Final Plank Media

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Gearhead by Kevin MacLeod



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