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After the Plot 2.2: The Future

April 6, 2020

With our time machine fully repaired in episode 1, we bravely headed into the time stream for episode 2.  Although it took a while for GoodJob to get the hang of the controls, soon we were looking into the stories behind some of Earth's most famous (or infamous) demagogues.

Will the boys ever learn to paint as well as a Warhammer 40k orc?  What's the fuel efficiency of a sand worm from Arakkis?  Did Hari Seldon know about this whole story all along?  Find out this month, on After the Plot.


After the Plot is produced by Brent Lacy and Nolan Lacy.  Additional talent was provided by David Hallman, Doug Holley and Savannah Lacy.  Brent Lacy edits the show. Theme music was composed by Jared Bookbinder. Sound effects are provided courtesy of


The Good Better Quest theme is composed by My Instant Lunch

I must not fear.  Fear is the mind killer

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