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After the Plot 2.1: The Speed

March 2, 2020

Welcome to season two of After the Plot.  At the end of season one, we purchased a secondhand (or maybe third or fourthhand) time machine.  However, as it needed some work, we headed to the year 2112 to get it repaired.  Unfortunately, the only way we could power the time matrix was by harnessing Star Power.  And as it turned out, all Star Power in the 22nd century had been stolen by Toad (not such a fungi after all!)  In order to catch this renegade mushroom, it will take the help of the Flash, Sonic the Hedgehog and perhaps the fastest speedster of all...


After the Plot is produced by Brent and Nolan Lacy.  Additional talent was provided by David Hallman and Evan Funderburk.  Brent Lacy edits the show. Theme music was composed by Jared Bookbinder. Sound effects are provided courtesy of

Additional Sonic music was provided by Rukasu and Qumu

The Tron Legacy soundtrack is by Daft Punk

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