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ATP 2: (These property values)Sure aren’t in Kansas anymore

July 1, 2019

Episode two: (These property values)Sure aren't in Kansas anymore.  Somewhere...over the rainbow, a recession continues.  Falling houses have killed a prominent member of the Occult in Oz.  A wizard had absconded.  A farm girl has murdered a business leader.  Will the chaotic cycle never end?  Will Oz soon be empty of its denizens, save for vacationing gamblers and playboys?  Join our investigation as they land beyond the rainbow and learn what happened after the plot.


After the Plot is produced by Brent and Nolan Lacy.  Additional talent is provided by David Hallman. Brent Lacy edits the show.  Theme music was composed by Jared Bookbinder. Sound effects are provided courtesy of


Additional music: Blue Man Group, Metallica, Kevin MacLeod

Lonely Man theme: Joe Harnell

No munchkins were harmed in the production of this episode

After the Plot is a production of Final Plank Media

© 2019 by Final Plank Media

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